hey there, I'm danielle!

And I am so GLAD you’re here! Because if there’s one thing I know about you, it’s that you’ve got a LOT on your plate; You handle the cooking, the cleaning, the finances, the kids and their busy schedules…#allthethings. Right?!

It’s enough to make you lose your mind sometimes. 

I know because I’m a mom just like you, and I’ve felt stressed just like you too.

Once I had my third child (17 months after I had my second), severe burnout set in. I was leaving dirty dishes in the sink for a week, my older son was missing the bus, I had expired food in my pantry and left laundry sitting in the washer for days.

On top of that, we were living paycheck to paycheck and struggling to make ends meet since I was a stay at home mom with no extra income.

My husband and I could not stop fighting over chores and money, so I knew something had to change.

from overwhelmed to organized

I finally stopped trying to be superwoman and I started creating simple systems and routines to help me stay on top of what matters, and IT WORKED!!

Now, I’m able to get food on the table almost every night from my kitchen (instead of the drive-thru), we have money that we NEVER had before leftover at the end of each month, and I’m keeping our house clean even with four little boys running around—eek!

so if i can do it, i promise that you can too!

My mission here with The Everyday Overwhelm blog is to make managing your home (and life!) easier…even if you’re a hot mess like I was.

Feel free to browse the blog, leave a comment to say hello, and pour yourself a glass of wine as you catch up on some of our reader favorites you may have missed! 🙂